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We offer the sale of amber powder (micronized, ground amber) for beauty salons, sanatoriums, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations. Buying our Amber Powder you will be sure of quality and uninterrupted deliveries. We train staff, help with technology. There are quality certificates, the necessary checks have been passed, we are ready to provide all documents and probes.

You can buy amber powder in Germany, France, England, Poland and other European countries.

Amber powder quality

Amber powder is made according to our unique patented technology, of exceptional quality and fully complies with all requirements. It can be used in institutions and drugs for children.

  • Микронизация в военной сфере и ядерной энергетике

Manufacturing technology

The patented technology for obtaining Amber Powder is unique. We get amber powder, which is able to pass any tests beyond the competition in the market for quality.

Documents for amber powder

We have all the necessary documents and certificates for amber powder. Having bought Amber powder from us, you will always be sure of the quality and compliance of each party.

The use of amber powder

Perfumery industry
Spa treatment

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The advantage of our amber powder

How is our amber powder different from most offers on the market?

In many online stores you can see the sale of Amber Powder at a low price, especially in Kaliningrad. But it is IMPORTANT to remember that very often this Amber Powder is obtained from waste after processing Amber to create jewelry.

There are a lot of metal impurities harmful to human health. Micronization of Amber powder itself with this approach leaves much to be desired, and sellers do not have any certificates or documents about the tests passed.


Our Amber Powder is made according to the unique patented micronization technology, quality certificates are received and we are ready to provide all the necessary documents.

Amber Powder is suitable for pharmaceuticals, including for children, for use in sanatoriums, spa centers, etc.

Moreover, we do not have a high price and the best quality in the market. Production is in Belarus.

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