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  • Микронизация в фармацевтике


We are especially careful about the quality of the resulting product.

  • Микронизация в военной сфере и ядерной энергетике


We use a patented unique micronization technology.


We strive to constantly improve our process and service.

Application of micronization technology

Perfumery industry
Food industry
Military-industrial complex
Nuclear energy

Advantages of our technology:

  • Safety

    During micronization, the physicochemical properties of the material being ground are preserved.

  • Temperature

    With micronization, the temperature of the energy carrier and particles of the material decreases by 7-12 ° C (ice can be crushed).

  • Speed

    Very fast grinding of a portion of the material entering the disintegrator chamber (1-3 seconds).

  • Volume

    Unlike jet mills, the minimum volume of material to be ground is unlimited from below.

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Phone: +375 29 391 21 03; +375 29 193-60-80