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We maintain the physicochemical properties of the material being ground due to the low flow rate, excluding the deformation of cell nuclei in biological forms.


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New level Micronization

Currently, one of the most demanded processes in such industries as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and some others is MICRONIZATION.

Micronization is the process of reducing the size of particles by grinding them into smaller sizes – microns.

Standard methods of particle grinding, for example, crushing, compression, abrasion, spraying, precipitation from a solution, have a number of significant disadvantages, such as: overheating, contamination of the crushed material, particle degradation and an increase in the content of amorphous substance on their surface, which does not allow obtaining uniform in size and clean microparticles.

We use the latest patented technology, in which the initial product does not come into contact with aggressive media, is not exposed to high temperatures, does not interact with the rubbing parts of the equipment, as a result of which we were able to achieve exceptional purity of the resulting product with high parameters such as uniformity and particle distribution .

We are able to obtain micropowders from virtually any material, including superhard.

Our company is engaged in micronization of a wide range of materials from which materials such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients, proteins, peptides, nutrients, herbs, natural products, rare earth materials and minerals, pigments, etc. require special attention.

At the request of the customer, we can provide technical conclusions on the analysis of particle size distribution, the study of the surface morphology of the manufactured products.

Our advantages

  • Speed

    The speed of air flow and particles of material in the grinding chamber is not large and amounts to 20-30 m second, for comparison: in a jet mill 700-1200 meters per second.

  • Safety

    The physical chemical properties of the material being ground are preserved.

  • Integrity

    There is no deformation of the nuclei of cells in biological forms.

  • Temperature

    With micronization, the temperature of the energy carrier and particles of the material decreases from 7-12 degrees Celsius.

  • Quality

    Very fast and low contact grinding of a portion of the material (1-2.5 sec).

Micronization in various fields

Our micronization products are used in:

  • Cosmetology
  • Spa treatment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Perfumery
  • Military sphere
  • Nuclear energy

About Us

The company offers micronization services, as well as finished micronization products using a unique, patented technology.

  • We work professionally

    Specially trained staff and professional equipment.

  • We work for a reputation

    Reputation above all. We value our customers and are always ready to meet.

  • Work fast

    The uniqueness of the production process in micronization speed without compromising quality.

  • Process uniqueness

    Unique patented micronization technology.

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